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What information do you need on a dog kennel website?

The more information you can provide on your dog breeder website about the breed of dogs you own and breed from the better for visitors to understand what your breeder website is about. 
You can start your dogs website with just one page if you wish or you can have as many pages as you like. 

What pages do you need on a dog kennel website?

If you are going to have more than one page for your dog kennel website, then try and aim for at least the following pages which will add more content for the whole website.

free dog breeder website

What content do you need on a dog breeder website


The about page is about your dogs, your history within the breed you own. Your foundation stock, if you have a top winning dog mention the dog and the offspring it may of produced. If you are a member or committee member of a breed club add all this information it is all good relevant content to the website.

The dogs

It is up to you whether you have a page per dog on the website or all the dogs on one page. You could have a page for dogs and a page for bitches it depends how many dogs you have and who needs to go on the website. For each dog you need the dogs Kennel Club name, Sire and Dam, date of birth, health test results such as hip scores and a photo each dog. 


Photo’s of previous litters are really good on the website, this gives potential puppy buyers an idea of the type you usually breed or what to expect. Litters due or planned can go on the puppy page, a contact form is handy too or contact details and a link to the contact page.

Photo gallery

A gallery for the photos of the dogs is great to have on the dogs website a variety of photos works well too.  Stood out photos if the dogs are show dogs, head shots, dogs in action if the dogs are working dogs, the dogs relaxed and the dogs out on walks. All these photos help visitors to your website see that you are genuine dog breeder and care about the breed you own.  

Unlimited Photo Storage

If you have a lot of great photos for your dogs website take look at SmugMug photo websites. SmugMug is not free but you can try it for 14 days free. SmugMug offer unlimited secure photo storage with all plans, you can build a simple website or a portfolio of photos for your dogs and then link it to your free website.

SmugMug websites display your photos beautifully, you can buy prints and photo products through an account and you can even sell images and photo products online without the hassle of setting up an online shop.


Make sure all the contact details are correct on your website and on the contact form,
the email address and your telephone number all needs to be correct.

The home page

The home page is where you need to put who you are, what you are and what your dogs website is about.
 You can add a contact form here too, and links to the other pages on the website from the home page. Add any KC logos on the home page too.