Dog Breeder Websites

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dog breeder websites

Photo websites for dog breeders, show dogs & dog kennels

I am a big fan of SmugMug photo websites, the first website I ever built was a SmugMug website for my Dog Photography and because it was so easy to use I built my dog breeder website Redhara Setters with it too, which ended up being a 20 page breeder website. Then when I set up my dog grooming again guess what, I made my pet business website with Smugmug.  All the websites worked really well for the purpose, the images were displayed beautifully on the website, all the websites ranked high in the google charts (the search engine results pages or the SERP’S). I had so many nice comments about those websites too, the usual one being “oh I love your website the photos look great on it” 
SmugMug is more than just a website though, they are designed for photographers from hobbyist to pro’s, with 4 levels of plans available from basic to pro. You can sell photo’s online, set up shop and sell photo products without having to build an online shop, securely store an unlimited amount of photos.  But you can also really easily build a website too. 
Now the beauty with a SmugMug website is that although the website is for photographers, the websites are designed for photos and lots of them.

breeder kennel web design
website design for dog breeders
website design for dog kennels
dog kennel web design
website design for dog breeders

Creating content for the dogs breeder website

 If you think seriously about a dog breeder website, there is hardly any writen content on most breeders websites, most of the writing is usually on the about page, how they started in the breed, how many years ago they started in the breed, why they have the breed they do for example to show the dogs, work the dogs etc. If they have news pages that can create a lot more content on the whole website, with the show wins and puppy announcements. If the dogs have a page per dog on the website then the dogs page has hardly any writing on it either it will have the dogs KC name, Sire & Dam, and health test results and maybe a little bit about the dog if the dog is top winner or produced some good dogs. So then because of this every one who makes their own breeder website does the same thing , they then fill their breeder website with photos of the dogs, we are all the same. 

dog websites

Photos of dogs

The photos though are what the visitors to the website are looking for, they are also looking to see if the dogs are the type of dog which they are looking for by this I mean, within a certain breed of dog you still have different types of that breed of dog. Long established dog kennels breeding patterns of a breed of dog creates different types within that breed. This can mean that the dogs have a distinctive look or temperament which is different from other kennels of the same breed. You will usually find that pedigree dog owners looking for another dog or puppy will return to the same breeder for their next dog because they want the same type as before. If the breeder has no puppies planned or any left from a litter some owners are inpatient and will start looking elsewhere for the same type of dog rather than waiting . By having lots of photos of the dogs you own and breed from on the website straight away visitors to your website will know if your dogs are the type of the breed of dog they are looking for. People can see straight away what kind of environment the dogs are kept in too if you put the right photo’s on the dogs website and if the dogs are show dogs, working dogs, pet dogs or all three. 

Photo protection

Protecting your dogs photos online. SmugMug has teamed up Pixsy, Pixsy is the online photo protection, not my dog Pixie. Pixsy actively monitors the internet to see where and how your images are being used online. Pixsy’s advanced image scanner and AI finds accurate matches of your images online and is combined with easy to use management tools so you can take action against copyright infringement. You can set up a free Pixsy account and have 500 images monitored with low priority scanning.  When you have a SmugMug account you can activate a Pixsy account and sync all the photos you have in your SmugMug account up to 2000 images free worth $234 per year. You can also upload images direct to Pixsy too. Pixsy will scan the internet for matches to your images in your public galleries you have in the SmugMug account. Your probably thinking what has this got to do with dog breeder websites, I will tell you it has a lot to do with breeder websites!! 

Pixsy is brilliant, first its free with your SmugMug account worth $234. Second when you sync up your photos from SmugMug which is so easy to do you, really easy to do! Pixsy will find every bright spark in the universe who thinks its acceptable to use your photos you have taken of your dogs and use them as they wish, and its not acceptable its called image theft. That is what Pixsy is about, finding those who think a photo on the internet is free to use as they wish, which it isn’t. With Pixsy once they match a photo of yours being used you can tell Pixsy to take action and sort it out basically.
If you get a match it appears on your Pixsy dashboard which is straight forward to use, you can ignore the match. You would ignore a match for example if a photo was used on a breed club website which you had given them to use, or someone who has used your dog at stud and they are using your picture of your dog on their website which you sent them to use. Or you can do a take down, this is where Pixsy will issue a take down notice to whoever is displaying your image and shouldn’t be. Basically Pixsy will tell whoever to take the image off the internet and to stop using it.  You get 10 take down notice’s with your SmugMug account and Pixsy. Then there is the take action! which is take action, take legal action the team of copyright experts and international legal partners handle the whole infringement case process to recover fees and damages on your behalf. No win, no fee! 
Have you had your images stolen? I have.

Image theft

This photo is of Lucy my first English Setter and foundation bitch to my kennel a Show Champion. Lucy is about three and half years old on this photo. Lucy died in 2017 at age 13 this photo still is the main photo which used like a stock image through the internet without my permission. The photo has never been put into any stock photo libraries, its just a photo of my dog in the garden. The photo was taken on a little compact camera. I didn’t even have a DSLR camera when this photo was taken. I was first made aware of this photo being used on every photo product you can image about 10 years ago by a friend who’s Wife bought him a mug for Christmas with the photo on. My friend sent me a photo of the mug and asked “is this one of yours” referring to the dog? Yes thats Lucy and where did you get the mug from? 

dog websites

 I contacted the product seller myself I didn’t know about much about image copyright, Pixsy or anything like that and just emailed something like Hello where did you get the image from with a link to the products with Lucy on. About a week later I got an email back saying the photo was a stock image. I put the product seller right said that she was my dog, it was my photo and here is the link to my website where her photo lives. I got no reply but within about week all the photo products had vanished from the internet. 
The point to this is that I’m a photographer with a Pixsy account which can monitor up to 30,000 photos I can upload photo’s direct to Pixsy or sync through my SmugMug account. 30,000 photo’s sounds a lot of photo’s but I can have 30,000 photo’s just in my adobe Lightroom until I have a major deleting session, but I still know exactly which photos I’ve taken where and when. 
Through the Pixsy account there are only two photo matches which really needed some form of action taking which were from my Photography website. From my Dog Breeder Website Pixsy finds loads of matches and thats not an exaggeration, my own dogs photo’s are used all over the internet, on blogs, foreign websites you name it the have been used all without my permission. My pups in a suitcase is the next most popular photo which gets used after Lucy’s and then it’s all the dogs lined up.

This makes me wonder is it that you don’t steal photo’s from a photographer as they are more clued up on image copyright or is it that the photo thief thinks that dog breeders won’t notice their photo’s have been taken and used? 
You decide

dog breeder websites
dog breeder websites
Why SmugMug photo websites are perfect for dog breeders

SmugMug websites are designed for lots of photos, with every plan you can securely store an unlimited amount of your dogs photos and videos on the website with the added bonus of Pixsy on duty once you have set up and synced your photo galleries. You can also change the settings on the photo galleries so that you can have some of the photos in private galleries which can only be viewed via a link. This is great for litters of puppies to securely share photos of puppies to the new owners without the whole world knowing that you have pups. You probably wonder why if you have a website for the dogs why you wouldn’t advertise the fact you have a litter of puppies for sale. The thing is established breeders usually have a long waiting list for puppies so unless you have a massive sized litter bigger than your waiting list you don’t need to. The idea of having a puppy page on the website is to let people know you do breed and have the odd litter or two, and that they can contact you to be put on the waiting list for the next litter of puppies planned.
It is also great for pedigrees of the dogs, especially stud dogs. Scan or take a photo of the dogs pedigree and load it into a gallery (the photo file needs to be a jpeg, gif or png file) change the settings of the gallery to private and switch on the download buttons. You can send a link to whoever wants your dogs pedigree and they can view or download the pedigree too. All your photo galleries can be accessed from your phone too via the SmugMug app which is a brilliant app!! So if your out shopping and someone emails or calls wanting to view your dogs pedigree and its on a private link you can still access it and send it from your phone, job done.  I still have my dogs pedigrees in galleries in my SmugMug account, I used to have a link on the stud dogs page’s to view or download the pedigree. Saves switching on the printer which you can guarantee has no ink when someone needs a pedigree posting out.

Note –  just make sure you hide the registration number or the stud book number of the dog if you have pedigrees on websites.

 SmugMug accounts start at $66 per year this is for the basic plan

Included with all the SmugMug plans -

You can’t use your own domain name with the basic plan,  you are given a domain name free with your plan by SmugMug this is an example of how your domain name looks

You choose what goes in where youraffix is. Ideally your affix or kennel name can go there for a dog breeder website as long as no one else has used that name.

To use your own domain name you can your upgrade your plan at any time to the power, portfolio or pro plan and connect your own domain name. 
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