website design for dog breeders

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Website design for show dogs, dog breeders, dog kennels & pet businesses


dog breeder web design
dog breeder web design
web design for show dogs
dog breeder web design

Looking to showcase your dogs online?

It doesn’t matter whether you own show dogs you are a dog breeder or have working dogs, the concept of the dog breeder website is going to be pretty much the same for all.

Why have a website for your dogs?

 You will put your kennel of dogs and contact information out onto the world wide web for a start.
 Those who are interested in your breed will find your website full of useful breed information, and will be able to see how dedicated you are to your breed through the information you provide on the pages of the website. If you do have any puppies available or someone wants to use your dog at stud you can direct them straight to the website for the information and photo’s of the dogs which they are looking for if they don’t find you in the first place through your website. 

Options for building your own dog breeder website

Smugmug websites are more than just a website, you get Unlimited secure storage for your photos, you can create a portfolio with your photos and more. I have a SmugMug website and have used SmugMug in the past to create a 20 page website for Redhara Setters which was full of photos and videos of the dogs.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

A lot of dog breeders build a website with Weebly it is so easy to get started with. I have built websites with Weebly in the past and Weebly offer a basic plan which is free, you just have to sign up to get started

Using WordPress to build a dog kennel website, then you will need great value web hosting, bluehost is an ideal platform to start your breeder website or start a blog 

What information do you need on a dog breeder website?
dog kennel free website template design

   The website is about your dogs which is obvious, but you do need up to date information about your dogs including health tests and show wins. If you don’t want to put the full pedigree of the dog on the website then just give the Sire and Dam’s information. 
About the kennel itself, and your history within the breed is an important part of the website, which will include your foundation stock. 
If you include news pages on the website this doesn’t have to be just about show wins, working test results, competition results and puppies, you can make it more interesting to viewers by including other information relevant to your breed.
 You really need good quality photo’s of the dog’s to use on the website, it is up to you how many photo’s of each dog you feel necessary. A nice stood out, or full body and head shot image will probably be enough to give an idea of what a dog looks like.
High quality images are better to work with if you are wanting the wide full screen headers pictures on your breeder website. You will find that most people will be viewing your website on a mobile or tablet and the images will look fine. But for those people viewing on a 27 inch desktop, a photo downloaded from facebook won’t look great at all as a large header image, but the social media images will work fine in photo galleries. You also don’t want to be loading up 10mb images in size to the website either as this will slow down the speed time of the page when it loads. 
Breed information is always useful to have on the website, links to the breed clubs, basic grooming information especially if the breed of dog you own are coated breeds, it is all relevant to your breed and adds extra content to the website.

There is no set rule of what you should or shouldn’t have on your dog kennel website, or how the layout of the site should be. The dogs and what you do is probably your hobby, so the website is no doubt not a business website and will be more of a ‘website for the dogs’, or ‘the dogs website’ as I like to call mine, or just a blog for your dog. But it’s still nice to have a good website for the dogs, one which works well on all devices, and a website which shows off the photo’s of the dogs and has the information people maybe searching for online. 

dog breeder web design for show dog kennels

Photo websites for dog breeders

I am a big fan of SmugMug websites, the first website I ever built was a SmugMug website for my Dog Photography and because it was so easy to use I built my dog breeder website Redhara Setters with it too, which ended up being a 20 page breeder website. Then when I set up my dog grooming again guess what, I made my pet business website with Smugmug. 
SmugMug is more than just a website though, read more about how SmugMug and Pixsy the online image protection can help protect your dogs photos on the internet. My photo of Lucy was stolen and used on photo products

WordPress websites for dog breeders

By using WordPress to design a website for your dogs the design possibilities are endless, codes are not required to make the website so it is easy to use and easy to be able to update yourself regularly with all the new information you may want to add.
 You can add all kinds of extra free or paid plugins to the site at any time. Plugins are the building blocks of the website which work important features like the contact form and SEO. There are hundred’s of plugins can which make the design of your site unique and different from the standard websites you will find. You will soon realise that any design is possible, including the layout of the pages the style of text and so much more. In order to use WordPress which is a free platform to build a website on for your dogs, you will need Web Hosting and a domain name. Siteground and bluehost have made hosting easy for someone with a non-technical background. 

web design for show dogs dog breeders
dog breeder web design for kennels
dog kennel free website template design for dog breeders

By using the worlds leading front end drag & drop page builder for WordPress Elementor the web designers page builder will make building your website easier. You can upgrade to Elementor Pro to unlock more design features. The standard version of Elementor is free.

breeder kennel web design
dog kennel website design
dog kennel website design
dog kennel web design
website design for dog kennels
dog kennel website design
website design for dog breeders
dog kennel website design
Resources for building websites

A lot of dog breeders and pet business owners build their own websites I have done for years. Below are some resources to help you get started building a stunning website for your dogs at affordable prices.

With the Astra theme for WordPress there are 20 free starter sites available including free online store templates to use with the woocommerce plugin for wordpress. 

Use the worlds leading WordPress page builder and take your website design to the next level. With a front end drag and drop page builder the design possibilities are endless.

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